Friday, November 26, 2010

Dirty Diapers

Our Congressmen and Senators more closely resemble dirty diapers than elected representatives. They are full of their own stuff, their stuff stinks, and they need to be changed. We ordinary citizens would do jail time for the activities they commit, but only two Congressmen have been expelled from the US House of Representatives for their conduct since the Civil War.

The obvious conclusion is that leaving an elected representative in office very long is actually a bad thing for the rest of us.

It doesn’t matter if we are Dems, Reps, Libs, or Teas, there are issues much more important to us than party affiliation. We need desperately to transcend the distractions provided by cheap politics and the media, and focus on an Agenda for the American People that can save this great nation for us and for our children.

To be more precise, if our culture is to survive, we need the following:

1. A Department of Defense, not a Department of attack.
2. A Department of Education, not a Department of lowering academic standards.
3. A Department of Agriculture, not a slush fund for corporate giants.
4. A Food and Drug Administration, not a PR firm for the pharmaceutical Industry.
5. A Department of the Treasury, not a checking account for campaign contributors.
6. Restrictions on paid lobbyists.
7. Elected representatives governed by the same laws that apply to us.
8. Restraints on the government’s ability to spend money it doesn’t have.

How we, The People, get from the mess we are in to sanity and fiscal soundness is up to us. We cannot allow our elected officials to maintain a haven for plundering our earnings and squandering our future. They cannot be allowed to decide for us by themselves.

We must become involved in the political process. We have the right and responsibility to create an agenda that assures our survival and prosperity. We have the right to demand that the will of the people be obeyed. Elected representatives are our servants, not our masters.