Saturday, February 17, 2007


There probably is not a more important subject to adults than relationships. How to have a successful one is a common topic. Maybe why there are so many that fail is even more common.

In Mental Mechanics, the word "relatonship" is defined as, "the goal which two or more people or entities agree to reach." Relationships are a process, not a thing. Although they do have a life of their own, they are dynamic and change as do the needs and desires of the participants.

Most of the interest in revolves around serious long-term relationships with a significant other so that is where we will focus. If the basic assumption is correct that even marriage is a process created to reach a goal, then there are some really important aspects of the process that must be understood to have a successful one.

1. What could the goal be, that is a process, and has the potential to last a lifetime?
2. Do both participants understand the goal before marriage?
3. Do both participants agree to the goal?
4. What are some of the possible goals that may seem long term but are not?
5. What happens if the goals are short term and have already been met before marriage?
6. Is there a difference between Love and relationships?
7. What is "committment?"
8. How can a couple keep their Love alive?
9. What actually is "Intimacy?"

Understanding the processes going on within relationships is vitally important to their success.
Ask Away.