Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Whisper in the Wind

If one listens quietly, there is a Whisper in the wind, the grass, the trees, the way we pass each other, and the look of yearning we cannot conceal in our eyes.

This is the Message from those who have gone before to those of us who are here now and to generations yet born.

The Whisper says we can live in Peace and Harmony with each other; that those eyes I am looking into can share with me something more important than my own life, and that I, in turn, can share that gift with another.

Wisdom is that Whisper; the path of the Progress of Man. Should we not learn from those who have toiled before? What did they hope and dream for us, and what do we hope and dream for those we will leave behind?

To listen to the Whisper is to hear the Wisdom of the Ages. What is right and true has not changed.

When we choose wisely, the world becomes a marvelous place to be.

It’s as though all mankind holds its collective breath waiting for just one of us to make a right decision before moving on, inexorably on, toward the final goal of Unity.