Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Won't Say, "I told you so!"

There was an interesting article yesterday in "The Guardian," a major British news organization, titled Medicine's big new battleground: does mental illness really exist?

The gist of the article of the article is that conventional psychiatry has failed to develop the skills necessary to truly be a help to individuals.

Also there is more and more evidence pointing to the ties between "big Pharma" and the paid “experts” who publish what amount to be sales pieces for their potent mind-bending drugs.

The ability to think accurately is the root of mental health. 

Beginning with being taught how to keep our emotions in perspective, to the thinking skills that are part of making world class choices, the health of our individual mental world depends on our ability to use the information we gain as we go through life in ways that yield accurate conclusions.

99.9% of what is classified as mental illness is actually faulty thinking habits that yield emotional, unworkable conclusions that usually cause more pain and suffering.